JT: You want a piece of me? Kparghai: *chomp*


The link is in German. Since neither this language nor English is my mother language, I won't try a full translation and I'll direct you to Google Translate if you want more details. In short: a disciplinary procedure has been opened against Biel defenseman Clarence Kparghai, who's suspected of having bitten John Tavares during a game one week ago. In the last minute of the second period, JT had a contact with Biel goalie Reto Berra. Kparghai went to defend his netminder. Tavares had him in a headlock, and that's when Kparghai reportedly bit him in the ribs area. To prove it, it seems that Tavares has a bite mark. He also has marks on the neck, as shown in the pictures, though it isn't reported how these were caused. Kparghai, who plays without a mouthguard, denies any wrongdoing and says that JT pressed his (Kparghai's) face against his (JT's) belly. Our beloved "unique judge" will decide. I'll keep you informed.