I'm Done

Well, I made up my mind. This will be my last post on this site. I've decided to stop being a fan of the NHL and unfortunately the New York Islanders. This nonsense has gone on long enough. I am making a stand. However small and insignificant it is, this is my choice. I don't want to sit and wait until the players and owners decide they've held us hostage long enough. I doubt the hockey world will even notice one less fan. I do this out of anger and frustration. I feel they simply don't care enough about me as a fan to remedy their situation. I can't even begin to convey how gut wrenching this decision is. I've been a NYI fan since the 86-87 season. I missed the glory years but I'm still as diehard as anyone else.

So thanks to all of you for being a part of this site. I loved reading all the post game breakdowns that taught me so much. I shared the pain everyone had with the "rebuild" thats taking forever. And of course the unique brand of humor so many of you have. The laughs will never be replaced. I don't think I'll replace hockey with another sport. Nothing can touch it. Maybe I'll find a minor league team to obsess over.

Feel free to bash all you want as I won't be back to read any replies. I'm going cold turkey here. I will send one more email to the NHL and share my decision with them and thats the last time my computer will see anything NHL related. Take that NHL inbox spam folder!!!

It has been a pleasure y'all,


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