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Islanders Forward Josh Bailey to Germany's Bietigheim Steelers

Josh Bailey is the latest New York Islander to find a home during the NHL lockout.

Many Islanders fans believe Josh Bailey was rushed to Germany's 2nd Division.
Many Islanders fans believe Josh Bailey was rushed to Germany's 2nd Division.
Bruce Bennett

Alright Matt Moulson, surely you're next?

Center-turned-wing Josh Bailey is the latest, and one of the last remaining, locked out New York Islanders to sign in Europe during the NHL lockout.

Bailey joins the Mannschaft (one of my favorite German words, because I am a child) of the Bietigheim Steelers, who are currently in fourth place of Germany's second division. At the risk of loosely translating German sources, here is the source from the team itself and coach Kevin Gaudet on the "transfer coup":

"If one told me before the season began that we would have a first-round pick coming to Bietigheim, I'd have laughed."

Ah, but what if you'd told him it was a first-round pick WHO WAS RUSHED!!11 -- then what, hmm?

In all seriousness, it's good to see Bailey will get some game action. It's an important point in his career (yes, we've probably said this the last four years). Coach Gaudet notes that Bailey has been used in many roles in the NHL, and if he's do fill any of those roles well, it's probably high time he get some reps as this NHL lockout lingers on.

The team expects him to debut Tuesday, wearing uniform number 10.

This leaves Moulson as one of the very few attractive locked-out Islanders yet to secure a Euro home during the lockout. Of course, the later it gets, the more you think surely, somehow, maybe, this long continental nightmare will end, no?