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Gallery: Scientists Discover 55 Day-Old NHL Lockout

An accidental sighting led to one of the most significant sports revelations of the year - that the National Hockey League isn't actually playing any games right now. At last, the men and women behind this miraculous find are taking their exciting news public.

A locked-out National Hockey League was discovered by scientists earlier this month, upending weeks of public assumptions and expectations about professional sports. The revelation - now going public for the first time - could be the sports find of the year.

"You never expect to make a monumental discovery on a Tuesday morning during breakfast," said Dr. Claus VonEspen, who made the initial finding that sparked a revolution. "But that's how it happened. I was wearing my boxers and eating my muesli when my world was sent crashing."

VonEspen, a professor of paleontology at Marshall College in Bedford, Connecticut, has never been much of a sports fan. Which is exactly how he came to his ground-breaking discovery.

"I simply assumed that the National Hockey Association was being played somewhere. You always take things like this for granted. But sometimes the untrained eye sees the clearest," VonEspen said. "When I realized that the Nationalist Hockey Federation may not be playing, I had to catch my breath. I asked myself, 'Is it even possible? Could this be happening and no one had any idea?'

"So I did what they told to do us in paleontology school - I started digging!"

VonEspen's discovery eventually encompassed six countries, an international team of helpers, over 1,000 hours on the internet, and a lost slice of society finally being revealed to the world for the first time.