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Video: Rick DiPietro on Germany's Blickpunkt Sport

The NHL continues to march toward irrelevance, so why not enjoy a video from Rick DiPietro's lockout sojourn to Germany, won't you?

"Talk to me when you've lived through three lockouts, kid."
"Talk to me when you've lived through three lockouts, kid."
Jim McIsaac

The following clip is from October. It's also in German, though you can hear Rick DiPietro's answers in English underneath the translation.

Sorry, no news on DiPietro -- he's still listed as having played just one league game and one cup game with SC Riessersee -- but then there's not really any NHL news of note these days. Our attention is unfortunately but at least promisingly deflected to the Islanders prospects.

In the CBA drama, the sides continue to dance to some pre-ordained scripted that now includes federal mediation. As the owners sit, retailers ignore their product, execs wonder what's worth sponsoring with this gong show, and NHLPA members Kevin Westgarth, David Backes and Mathieu Schneider pass the time by fielding questions on Reddit.

So enjoy this video, which repeatedly notes DiPietro's $67.5 million contract and was posted before his second (and thus far last) game with the German team.

Source: Bayerischer Rundfunk on YouTube

Note: For a more traditionally enjoyable (and English) video, here's an interview with Isles broadcasting legend Jiggs McDonald, who turns 74 today.