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Interview With A Gremlin: 7 Questions for Michael Grabner in Movember

The NHL's fastest man dishes about Movember and how he is trying to help bring about more awareness of prostate cancer.

Pre-stache mode.
Pre-stache mode.
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

He may not be sporting the Islanders blue and orange right now, but Michael Grabner has been a busy man this fall. Not only is he playing for VSV in his home country of Austria, being a father to 1-year-old son Aidan, and blogging part-time, Grabner is also working overtime trying to raise money for prostate cancer awareness this November.

I did what few mortals can, and actually caught up with Michael Grabner. After catching my breath, Grabner kindly agreed to a seven-question Tweeterview (I Googled it. It's a real made up word!) about his second year participating in Movember.

Chris: How are you doing so far in donations this year compared to last?

Michael Grabner: "I think I have already raised more than last year and I'm hoping we can get that number even higher towards the end here."

Chris: Do you know anyone who has ever had prostate cancer or are you just participating because it's a worthy cause?

Grabner: "I am doing it because it's a good cause and needs to get some more attention. And I like growing a ‘stache."

Chris: That might answer my next question. Noticed you dyed the ‘stache (if you haven't seen it, it's worth a look). When December comes are you planning on keeping it?

Grabner: "Well I am growing a lockout beard. So for Movember I dyed the ‘stache black to emphasize it more. Probably will keep it all."

Chris: We all know you're the fastest man on skates. Does the Movember stache/Lockout beard slow you down at all?

Grabner: (Laughs) "Nah I don't think so. It was itching in the beginning but it's ok now. For on the ice, I think it's pretty aerodynamic."

Chris: That jet black ‘stache streaking down the ice might scare the defenders! Better Movember stache: You this year or Matt Moulson last year?

Grabner: "Well Mouls has a solid one, right? I would say mine. I did cheat a bit though, so there is a grey area."

Chris: I'm pretty sure cheating for a good cause doesn't count. Is Aidan a fan of Daddy's Movember involvement?

Grabner: "Yeah, he just always calls it 'Ka ka'. That's when something is gross. (Fiancee) Heather absolutely hates it. She keeps saying she will shave it in the night."

Chris: How could she not appreciate a ‘stache that great? Ok last question. Anything you want to say to us hockey starved Islanders fans?

Grabner: "First off, keep donating and try to raise awareness for this cause. Lastly I know you all want hockey back and so do we. Stay positive and hopefully we'll be playing soon and we'll see you back where you belong, cheering on your favorite team."

If you want to help Grabner and donate to him or his Movember team, go to the Movember and Sons webpage. Any size donations are welcome, large or small, and will be greatly appreciated.