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Video: Watch Ryan Strome Start, Finish 200-Foot Scoring Play

This kind of play probably can't happen in the NHL. But it's still fun to watch from the Islanders' top 2011 pick.

Nick Laham

The Canada-Russia Subway (sic) Super Series continues, with a collection of Russian juniors playing teams made up of stars from each of Canada's three major junior leagues.

The following goal from New York Islanders prospect Ryan Strome Monday night garnered some attention here in comments, so we thought it worth posting for the rest of you addicts whose Isles hockey addiction stops before plowing through the comments section.

This isn't what they mean when they talk about a player playing "all 200 feet," but we'll take it:

Lots of nice angles on the replays too, so you really see how the play develops and almost choreographs itself. (Again, though it's a pretty one, it's of course unlikely to be repeated at a higher level or against teams who play together regularly, instead of a compilation of players from multiple teams.)

Strome assisted on the other Canada (OHL) goal in the 2-1 win. He was thus declared Player of the Game.

Strome, by the way, continues to lead the OHL in scoring with 37 points in 21 games. So he's doing alright, I guess.