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Sound Tigers Weekend: A Worcester Sandwich with Springfield Filling

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers schedule finally picks up with a three-in-three on the road this weekend.

I'm ready. Ready for what's next.
I'm ready. Ready for what's next.
Bruce Bennett

The undefeated, reigning division champion Bridgeport Sound Tigers (yes, we're going to use that modifier while it's still true) finally see their schedule pick up this weekend. Three road games in two and a half days, with visits to Worcester sandwiching Saturday night's game in Springfield.

(Weekends like this remind me how much easier the East has it, travel-wise, in the AHL even more so than the NHL.)

Audio for Friday night's game: Try here or here.

Nilsson: Still Not Right

The most notable news heading in, aside from the devastating break for Calvin de Haan which we digested pre-Brooklyn, is that Anders Nilsson is still not well. Sounds mysterious, elusive, or maybe just worrying enough to call up insurance for the three-in-three.

He was scratched from his scheduled start two weekends ago for being ill. To have it, whatever "it" is, linger on this long must be frustrating.

With Nilsson still out, Bridgeport called up Kenny Reiter from the ECHL. Nice story on him here after his shutout for Fort Wayne. That last link naturally comes via Michael Fornabaio, who also had several other pieces on the team this week, including what follows.

Kevin Poulin is obviously thrilled to get more of the work, and in that piece it's noted that Sunday's matinee will be on Sirius/XM's "NHL Network Radio" station. (Hmm...time for a drive to take in the fall leaves, honey?)

Bridgeport and Brooklyn

Good stuff on the Sound Tigers and the Brooklyn move. I actually have been wondering about the extra commute of BQE vs. LIE. Because you never know when you need to send a limo for Joel Martin. (Man, the photo with that post, with Radek Martinek looking into the camera like, "I know what this is like," gets me every time.) I'm also wondering about airports and commuting to games now when most players live on Long Island proper, but I guess we have a few years for everyone to get their fixies.

Life without de Haan

The other, longer term issue for the team is who replaces de Haan, or rather how the team realigns without him. He was Ty Wishart's regular partner, and they were used in "close and late" situations plenty over the past year.

Opponents: Struggling Worcester

This weekend's majority opponent, by the way, is struggling as "one of the worst teams" in the league after two weeks at 0-3-1. Their company in misery? The Pens, who are 0-4 including the home opener the Sound Tigers spoiled.

Saturday's opponent, Springfield, opened 3-1 after their first loss to Providence. One of their lockout guys is promising blueliner John Moore.

Wang: Playoffs?!

Finally, we're not Brooklyn'd out yet -- not by a long shot. Some great posts and comments coming through, and look for another from David later this morning (or it might already be up, depending on when you see this).

But Charles Wang and Garth Snow have been doing the media rounds, keeping that story hot. As relayed in Newsday, Wang said on XM that the Isles would make the playoffs if there's a season. (No pressure, Danny...if you miss this put, we lose.")

Also, the Rangers have nothing but nice things to say about the Brooklyn move. To be so relieved.