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Video: Trevor Gillies Steals Jon Mirasty's Lunch

Why yes, yes with a lockout on we're not above posting fight videos.

"Then I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chian-- oh okay, it was with a Natty Light."
"Then I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chian-- oh okay, it was with a Natty Light."
Bruce Bennett

There is something amusing about watching the KHL, in its quest to rival the NHL for hockey supremacy or at least "You'll take our oil money, yes?" attractiveness, tacitly accept the existence of fighting.

It's not that they outright condone it or have a popular xenophobe announcer compile "KHL Make Glorious Fight Videos" DVDs for sale.

But, well, when you hear an entire auditorium anticipate a fight just minutes into a game between two KHL imports who only dress to fight -- then you watch the referees let them do their lengthy pre-fight dance rather than intervene immediately the way anti-fight leagues used to regulate things -- I think that's the kind of thing that confirms the KHL doesn't mind drumming up some interest through hockey's ultimate lowest common denominator.

So then, Puck Daddy has the back story for Jon Mirasty and Trevor Gillies -- who, remember, we are to view as a scourge or something and cover our eyes while we peak through our fingers* at his fighting devastation.

*It's kind of like a philandering politician condemning a rival's affair, isn't it? "For shame! I would never...well maybe just once, if tempted...but that doesn't mean I condone...unless no one finds which case can I have the lady's number?"

Keith has the screenshot of crazy. And hockeyfights has the video itself:

Gillies does a number on Mirasty, who weak-knees his way to the box.

The Stache has 30 PIM in 8 games for Vityaz, by the way. He's averaging 3:22 of ice time per game. I guarantee you a vocal portion of Vityaz fans love it.