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The Rick DiPietro in Germany Era Has Not Started Well

After a second game giving up shaky goals, Rick DiPietro was a healthy scratch for Riessersee in Germany's 2nd division.

Er hat keine Chance.
Er hat keine Chance.
Bruce Bennett

You may have seen coverage of New York Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro's first game in Germany with SC Riessersee of the second division. Three goals against, with a couple that were not stellar. Perhaps rust, poor luck, and all that.

His next game did not go well however, and "mistakes" on some of his five goals allowed -- he blamed himself for three of them -- led to a full on healthy scratch from the lineup.

The team's official site quotes him blaming himself for three goals in the 5-4 OT loss in the second round of the "DEB Pokal," a cup competition. The next Riessersee game, a 3-2 shootout loss, lists DiPietro as not even on the bench.

It's still early in this saga, and sometimes team dynamics and decisions in other leagues are different from what North American fans are used to seeing. But thus far his tenure for last-place Riessersee has not gotten off on the right foot (nor the right knee or hip, you'll no doubt add).

One quote (translated), which Isles fans of all stances will run with for their own interpretation:

"The one player who would least be expected to be the problem just had a terrible day. Even an NHL goalie is just a human being, and human beings are indeed known to make mistakes."

There are a surprising number of NHLers in the 2nd division in Germany. In contrast, Wayne Simmonds and Chris Stewart are having a relative ball for Eispiraten Chrimmitschau.

Big h/t to our dutiful readers and translators Paumanok and Francesca for keeping tabs on the DiPietro Chronicles.