DiPietro's first German game: 3 goals, no injuries


Rick DiPietro lost his first game for SC Riessersee in the Bavarian Alps 4-1 (EN). The team tried to keep things positive, though: "Bei Torhüter Rick DiPietro konnte man sehen, dass er noch ein bisschen Zeit der Eingewöhnung braucht. Axel Kammerer nahm den Torhüter der NY Islanders in Schutz: 'für ihn als Torhüter ist die Umstellung wesentlich schwieriger, er braucht noch ein paar Spiele'". "You could see that Rick DiPietro still needs some time to get used to things. [Coach] Axel Kammerer defended the NY Islanders goalie, saying: 'The transition is much more difficult for him as a goaltender, he still needs a couple of games'". The article also described the first two goals as "unlucky", so maybe there is more to hope for than just a few friendly excuses. Here are some numbers: