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Canadian Girlfriend: Latest New York Islanders For Sale Report

Like your friend's alleged Canadian girlfriend, these reports resurface from time to time but never result in a score.

Andy Marlin - Getty Images

If you feel it's been too long since your last "Pat LaFontaine is talking to people" rumor or "mysterious investors looking to buy the Islanders" story, then you're in luck: The Post delivers with an article full of "has been contacted" and "is intrigued" pirouettes.

With a shared byline of Josh Kosman and Larry Brooks, the Post **EXCLUSIVE!!1** leads with ... some European investors have contacted LaFontaine about possibly trying to buy the team.

Your smoking gun and fuel for message board fire:

[LaFontaine] is intrigued by the opportunity and may look to put together some sort of bid, sources said.

Right, okay then.

The Post **EXCLUSIVE!!1** also notes that Islanders legends Bob Nystrom and Denis Potvin are advising Ed Blumenfeld, one of the three finalists in Nassau County's latest call (this is Chapter 73 of the saga, I believe) to redevelop the Nassau Coliseum property.

Finally, the other bit of news-ishness in the story which will get keep fans talking suggests Charles Wang has...

quietly let it be known that he is willing to sell the franchise if the price is right, sources close to the NHL said.

Oh, you know those sources.

[Update: And while we're engaging in sorcery, Newsday's Randi Marshall says her sources say no truth to the LaFontaine part.]

[Update 2, Oct. 2: Add Chris Botta to those with a source saying LaFontaine has nothing to do with any of this.]

The alleged asking price is around $300 million, which, if you were to maybe look into putting some sort of interpretation together, is another way of saying: "No, I'm not interested in selling, but I'm fine with the proverbial 'sources close to the NHL' conveying that that's what a franchise is worth these days."

As we move toward the expiration of the Coliseum lease in 2015, look for more and more of these types of stories. Every source, especially ones unnamed, have their reasons for talking. You don't have to question the validity of the reporting -- the "LaFontaine could join group to buy Isles" story is as old as his Hall of Fame ring -- but you should question the motives of any sources feeding them.

The LaFontaine story, and the new "European investors" angle, unfortunately sounds all too much like the "Canadian girlfriend" gambit.

Anyway, back to NHL hockey ... oh, wait. Okay, back to AHL hockey then.