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Islanders Bits: John Tavares Drafted By Some All-Star Team

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New York Islanders All-Star and possibly 26th-best NHL player under 25 John Tavares was selected in the 16th round (of 19) in last night's All-Star draft. Logan Couture was your last man standing.

There were rules that mandated goalies going by a certain round and defensemen too, so I'm not sure if you interpret any strategy beyond that.

Read a link to those rules in Keith and Mark's fun fantasy draft piece from yesterday, which also served as a draft thread of sorts as well as a chance to banter with the source of the "Tavares isn't in the top 25?" angst of the past week.

There are more breakdowns at and Puck Daddy, where they also have goofy stories like Carey Price being selected while in mid-drink, and something about Scott Hartnell and Joffrey Lupul jockeying for bathroom position during a commercial break. No word whether Corey Perry took the opportunity to crosscheck them.

A few Islanders and assorted links follow:

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For more serious mid-season talk, we'll have our midseason roundtable up a little later.