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Rick DiPietro To Have Sports Hernia Surgery; UPDATE: More Knee Swelling

UPDATE, Jan. 14: The Islanders official release on the news also adds, like they did last year when he missed time with facial fractures after the Brent Johnson fight, that he also has "knee swelling." Draw your own conclusion.

Newsday has the scoop on Rick DiPietro's late Friday injury news: Rick DiPietro will have sports hernia surgery that could take him out for the rest of the season, with the "best case scenario" being a return in early April.

"I'm almost bionic at this point" was one of the salient quotes from a somber DiPietro in Arthur Staple's article, which also quotes the star-crossed goalie addressing retirement rumors (there were a few earlier this month) and includes thoughts from Islanders GM Garth Snow on the news.

DiPietro last left the lineup after a groin injury Dec. 3 in Dallas. I'm no doctor nor skilled athlete, but if you've ever had a nagging groin issue morph into a lower abdominal issue, that is one frustrating, nagging, "just a few more days should be all" experience before you realize it's just not happening.

What's clear from comments is there will be yet another attempt to rebuild him. We'll deal with 2012-13 when it arrives, but here's our existing FanShot discussion as the news broke. DiPietro has appeared in eight games this season and 47 over the last four seasons.