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John Tavares: All-Star

As noted elsewhere and in IslesJabronie's Fanshot, John Tavares has indeed been named to the All-Star Game roster, his first.

Why? Probably because of plays like these [video]. Crazy to imagine the passes he might make in the defense-free, no-pressure All-Star shinny.

Here are a few quotes from Jack Capuano and Kyle Okposo. Tavares joins some pretty fantastic company among the list of 2012 All Star Game Weekend selections.

Don't want to rip who's not there nor quibble with who is, but the most shocking name on that list to me -- though not so, based on his stellar numbers -- is Brian Elliott. I dismissed Elliott's NHL future over the summer and thought he was a silly signing for the Blues, so as soon as I finish this post I'll pull out that plate of crow I have warming up in the microwave.

Cheers to the whole lot of 'em. But especially to Tavares.