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Things You Didn't Know Were Still Possible: Islanders Trade David Toews to Chicago for Considerations

Considering the future of that guy.
Considering the future of that guy.

CLAIRE: Are all these your girlfriends?
BENDER: Some of them.
CLAIRE: ...What about the others?
BENDER (annoyed): Well, some I consider my girlfriends, and some I just consider.
CLAIRE: Consider what?
BENDER: Whether or not I wanna ... hang out with them.
CLAIRE: You don't believe in just one Toews, one team?
BENDER (confused): Do you?

--How I remember The Breakfast Club

David Toews had fallen so far off the prospect radar that I bet you didn't even know his rights were still the Islanders' to trade for the proverbial "future considerations." He wasn't at this summer's prospect camp. After leaving North Dakota after two seasons for juniors, he did age 20 duty with the Brandon Wheat Kings in the WHL last year. At age 21 as of this past June, he wasn't in the plans.

The Blackhawks, of course, have his considerably better older brother, and that appears to be the reason behind considering a "sure, why not?" future considerations deal with the Islanders that sends Toews The Younger their way, where I suppose the Hawks will consider some sort of role for him somewhere.

Is there a better term in hockey than "future considerations" -- the catch all that means anything from "we'll trade this guy back to you after the season, but don't tell nobody" to "just take this guy off our hands please, and don't worry about the bag of pucks"? I think not.

In related news: Still no updates on where Blake Kessel will land after leaving UNH and Jason Gregoire-ing his way to free agency [UPDATE: Kessel gets an invite to Flyers camp]; meanwhile, Brett Lindros remains retired from pro hockey, but Pierre Turgeon still has 832 more points than Sylvain.