Shanahan: "Role Of Fighting Has To Be Looked At"


And here it comes. The National Hockey League is planning on taking a hard look at whether fighting has a place in the game. Former NHLer Brendan Shanahan, the NHL Senior Vice-President of Player Safety and the league's new disciplinarian, admitted to CBC's Peter Mansbridge Thursday during an interview about head shots that fighting was an issue that would be discussed. "Well I think it's something that we have to look at," Shanahan told Mansbridge. "And I said as we evolve and we learn more and more about head trauma and brain trauma, you know, I've played with a lot of these guys who do this for a living, several of them have been my roommates, they're courageous guys, they've got a gene in them that is all about protection and defending their friends, but I worry for them. And I think that is something, along with the competition committee, along with the NHLPA, we're definitely very serious about making advancements and studying blows to the head. Click link for full article.