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Put Your Money Down: New York Islanders Odds for 2011-12

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I'm Eazy-E I got goalies galore. You may have a lot of goalies but I got much more.
I'm Eazy-E I got goalies galore. You may have a lot of goalies but I got much more.

Predicting the 2011-12 standings has come up before and it will come up again before the season starts. But below are some odds from Bodog for everyone in the league, as well as on who's likely to win the Atlantic Division.

Would you bet the over or the under on the Islanders' final point total of 81.5 -- good for 27th overall and 14th in the East (ahead of only Ottawa)? And looking at the odds for the division title, which Atlantic team's odds are convincing enough for you to put your money down?

Note: These are for entertainment purposes only, and not for the exchange of money. You can exchange me holy cards if you wish, but not money. 'Cause that's immoral or something. Unless you're in Vegas, in which case you can exchange your soul, while Celine Dion provides the Hades-themed soundtrack.


Odds to win the 2012 Atlantic Division            

Philadelphia Flyers                    6/5
Pittsburgh Penguins                 13/10

New Jersey Devils                    15/2
New York Rangers                     9/1
New York Islanders                    25/1

Honestly, I'm fine with the Islanders being the least likely to win the division. I don't think they'll finish last, but I'd buy that any of the other four could be more likely to take the division crown. (That doesn't quite make sense, but I can buy scenarios for any of the other four to crash, and any of the other four to have things hit just right.)

Now on to the league as a whole...


Bodog Line for 2011-12 Point Totals

1 Washington Capitals  107.5
2 Vancouver Canucks 106.5
3 Detroit Red Wings 104.5
4 San Jose Sharks 103.5
5 Boston Bruins  102.5
6 Chicago Blackhawks  102.5
7 Los Angeles Kings  102.5
8 Pittsburgh Penguins  100.5
9 Buffalo Sabres  98.5
10 Philadelphia Flyers 98.5
11 Tampa Bay Lightning 98.5
12 Anaheim Ducks   95.5
13 New York Rangers 94.5
14 Montreal Canadiens  92.5
15 St. Louis Blues  92.5
16 Nashville Predators  91.5
17 Calgary Flames 90.5
18 New Jersey Devils  90.5
19 Toronto Maple Leafs  89.5
20 Dallas Stars 87.5
21 Phoenix Coyotes  87.5
22 Columbus Blue Jackets 85.5
23 Winnipeg Jets  85.5
24 Carolina Hurricanes  83.5
25 Florida Panthers 83.5
26 Minnesota Wild  82.5
27 New York Islanders  81.5
28 Edmonton Oilers 77.5
29 Colorado Avalanche 75.5
30 Ottawa Senators 74.5

So no one likes Ottawa. And the gamblers have the Islanders, Oilers and Avalanche repeating their appearances in the bottom four.

Personally, while I'm prepared for anything in the range of 7th to 13th in the conference, I can't put both Florida and Atlantapeg above the Islanders.

Anyway, without putting too many of your holy cards on the line, how do you peg the Isles as we head toward October? And what stands out on this list to you?


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An update on the two former Islanders coaches who are now assisting Ron Wilson in Toronto. Salient quote from Scott Gordon: "There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re a fast team," Gordon said. "Our ability to pressure the puck is going to be key for us. That’s going to be an all the time thing. We have to be able to take advantage of our skating and put the opposition on their heels. If we can do that, that’s going to be what’s going to makes it work for us."


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Remember that gambling destroys families, I mean keeps the NFL afloat, I mean doesn't really translate to hockey.