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Islanders Bits: Did you hear the one about making the Coliseum larger and taller?

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Along with the formal news of Mark Streit's appointment as captain came some usual training camp bumps and bruises: Old Brian Rolston "tweaked" his groin and will be re-evaluated today, and the WRHU guys reported Kirill Kabanov leaving the building with a brace on his wrist, apparently after a slash.

Meanwhile, in off-ice circus news, there was a report of movement(!) on what to do with the Coliseum:

"Architects, engineers, government officials and labor leaders Wednesday unveiled a $346.5-million proposal to renovate the Nassau Coliseum and turn the surrounding 77 acres into a sports-entertainment complex. But the development, for which the builder would have to secure financing, drew noncommittal responses from key players, including County Executive Edward Mangano, the Town of Hempstead and Islanders owner Charles Wang, who all would have a say in the project's future."

Oh, right. Them.

That report was discussed some in various threads here yesterday, as well as its own FanShot here. It's nice that someone cares -- hey, an outdoor ice rink too -- and maybe this at least restarts the conversation productively.

But forgive me for fatiguing on the drill and not making a big deal of a proposal about a proposal. Wake me up when they speak with the guy who owns the NHL franchise.

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Press Conference Video: Wang, Snow, Capuano, Streit

Video from yesterday's Media Day presser:

It's Only Preseason, But:

  • Evgeni Malkin was flying around the ice last night for the Penguins. Did not look like a guy coming off knee surgery.
  • Adam Larsson looked good for the Devils, had a few assists.
  • Temporary Islander Christian Ehrhoff had a nice night for the Sabres, setting up a goal by pinching down the right boards, then scoring one of his own on a blast from the right point. If that summer flirtation taught me anything, it's where to put the h's in Ehrhoff's name.
  • Sean Couturier signed his ELC with the Flyers.

And more from around hockey:

"The height of the arena would increase by as much as 25 feet..." that Coliseum report said. Be wary of drug claims that have not been verified by the FDA.