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Islanders Training Camp Bits: Skating and pushing and prepping

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"What a day...solid practice. Guys are going hard and pushing themselves...time to get some stuff done."

That's Michael Grabner on Twitter, in what sounds like a common refrain from the first days of camp: Hard work, back to reality, unity of purpose being the focus.

That's no surprise for pro training camp among the world's best athletes in their sport. In a cap-limited league that hasn't expanded in a decade, the competition for jobs is fierce and the margins between teams are thin.

For a team that came one game short of a winless November last year, Jack Capuano is wise to focus his troops on hitting camp hard and being ready for the season from Day 1. Of course, any NFL fan knows the flip-side to this is what was said of Scott Gordon if and when early injuries happen: "Awww, he worked them too hard."

While we're on Twitter, here's Mitchell Theoret:

Felt great to be back on the ice today, hoping to be cleared to play by Wednesday #RoadToRecovery

And here's some more links from camp:

Finally, something I've seen a lot but bears no specific link here: The Sabres still need to get under the cap. They appear unworried. If they have a pre-arranged deal if nothing else comes up ... well, I'm just saying.

You know what I think? I think I like hockey.