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Islanders Bits: Seems People are Talking Hockey Again

Busy summer for Strome.
Busy summer for Strome.

More frequent posts are in the works here today and through the weekend which includes Monday's Labor Day in the U.S. and "Labour" Day in Canada. But first, it's nice to see more people talking hockey again.

As chief executive officer of the uncomfortably devout Frans Nielsen Evangelists, I'll start with his obligatory yes-I-want-to-stay story in Newsday.

One quote stood out to me: "I think it will be the most amazing thing to have been here since Day 1 of this rebuild, to go through all those tough times, and turn it around and win a Stanley Cup, hopefully very soon," Nielsen said. Now that's the idea right there.

He also talked about hoping to resume chemistry with Michael Grabner and Kyle Okposo.

Who Captain da Chiefs? (Captainzzzz-ah, captainzzz-ah)

The day before Newsday also had a story about the captaincy with quotes from Doug Weight and speculation about Mark Streit and Kyle Okposo as the oft-cited candidates. That coincidentally relates to a post we'll have up later today. You get the feeling input from Weight, who was both captain and teammate to these guys, will weigh heavily in the captaincy decision.


Preview Chatter

LATE ADDITION (10:10): 7th Woman spends a few minutes with Jack Capuano.

A look back at a wild, busy summer for Ryan Strome.

Meanwhile, in a story about a top prospect shunning Niagara, their GM/coach discusses the wild card of possibly losing Strome or other fellow NHL picks.

SNY PB returns: A couple Canadian media interview previews by Chris Botta, this time with THN's Adam Proteau and TSN's Darren Dreger, who again suggests Garth Snow is aggressive yet methodical. Dreger also discusses not crowning the Sabres just yet.

In bringing up possible vets the Isles could target, Dreger also brought up Steven Staios. My interest there is less than zero. None more zero. My interest goes down to minus-11.

Just wondering: So, um, has anyone heard any news about Blake Kessel landing anywhere? He didn't just leave college this spring only to not fetch any offers ... right?

Bryan talks a little World Police Fire Games (hockey in NYC). That's something I'd love to see but probably won't ever get to.


Non-Islanders Stuff

This was a fascinating post/interview from former Edmonton Oilers "bust" Jason Bonsignore. Gives quite a bit of insight into the Glen Sather regime from one ex-player's perspective. And makes you wonder.

Nice LHH fanshot to a funny Broad Street Hockey bit about their goaltending issue.

ESPN's under the radar players who will make an impact. If J.S. Giguere will make a major impact in Colorado, why did they trade next summer's lottery pick for Semyon Varlamov again?

Nielsen (not Frans) says the NY TV market has gotten smaller. (But is still #1, obviously.)

*  *  *

Wade Belak's suicide has gotten people talking about depression, which is never a bad thing since it still carries some taboo with it. (To be clear, no one has confirmed Belak suffered from depression before his death, although many naturally suspect.) Raw Charge reflects here, and Hockey Wilderness reflects here.

I count myself as among the very lucky who have never suffered from lasting depression, although it's certainly hit many people close to me. I can't imagine what that true despair feels like, as it's a helpless enough feeling just being the one close to the one going through severe depression. So odd to live seeing such beauty and wonder in this world and not be able to get a loved one to see it the same way. Living as I do, near people who aren't so lucky, I can't help thinking I'm just really, really fortunate to be wired in a certain way. [insert your own punchline about ability to be a happy Islanders fan here.]

Probably not the place for it, but please reach out, people. Reach out. I've seen people in horrible depths find a way out -- there are many routes to try -- sometimes it just takes many tries to arrive at the therapy, outlet, or shift in life situation that works.