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Officially: John Tavares Inks 6-Year Extension With Islanders

It's official now. So how does this sound:

"I’m thrilled to show the organization and loyal Islanders fans that I want nothing more than to win on Long Island."

Pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

"Charles and Garth have both shown a tremendous amount of loyalty towards me, and I look forward to honoring this long-term commitment. This is an exciting team to be a of part right now."

That's the idea. Team and player building it up together. The way you dream it when you're young.

I never really doubted Tavares would remain an Islander for a long time, but news of this deal has me picturing #91 in blue (sorry Butchie) as a lasting, memory-evoking member of the Isles for years to come. That's pretty cool.

As for the uncertainty of what rink the Islanders will play when the Coliseum lease expires in 2015, John Tavares said:

"I believe were going to be here and that’s how I approach it."

From Quebec to just next door in Brooklyn, there are others who would love to have the Islanders and the young core they're steadily locking up in Tavares, Kyle Okposo, Michael Grabner and the rest of the kids. But Charles Wang wants the team where it is now, and in the meantime they're just going to keep building what they can build -- on the ice.

The John Tavares 6-year, reported $33 million contract extension was discussed plenty here as news broke yesterday and in our morning thread for the 1 p.m. presser. But consider this thread the spot to add more quotes, reactions, low-hanging fruit as you and we find them.

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P.S. Speaking of the kids, Josh Bailey anyone? From Katie Strang, now of

Bailey said he's not as confident as last week--when he thought contract would be resolved quickly--but still thinks deal will get done.

Snow said Tavares officially signed 20 minutes ago [i.e. 1 p.m.]; team will now get to work on Bailey deal.

Alright then. According to team rules, less than 18 hours to go.