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Islanders Bits: Tavares News and the Bailey Wait

As mentioned in the last two posts, the press conference officially announcing John Tavares' new deal is today at 1 p.m. EDT.

It will stream live at the official site, where the two recent rookie games with the Bruins are also now available on archive to keep you occupied

Linked the following post from Puck Daddy yesterday, but it really is a good read. Extensive thoughts from Tavares -- from last week -- about why he likes Long Island, the team, management, and how he's raised expectations this year:

"[Long Island is] a beautiful place to live. It's a fantastic … It's New York. We're a half an hour from New York City. So much to do. Obviously the food's the best part about New York, because everyone doesn't like to cook so much. They like to go out to eat. And then we get treated great in our organization. Charles and Garth have done a great job in creating a great atmosphere for us. We're treated really well. Guys come here, they enjoy playing here"

More Tavares reaction coverage, plus other hockey news, below. Since the presser will be streamed, I won't be live-blogging comments. But I'll take notes if anything of importance emerges.

Here's the Post on the $33 million deal. And here's Newsday. ESPN here. Here's the usual "better get some help" piece. Marek: "Tavares is that guy."

NYI Blogs Corverage: NYIFYI | Eyes on the Isles | Okposo Net on Tavares and rookies to watch | 7th Woman with that great photo booth shot of Tavares and Michael Grabner.


Enjoy the press conference if you get the chance to see it. (What's that boss? Nah, I'm busy.)