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Isles News: A John Tavares Contract Would Give Toronto Columnists Nothing to Troll About

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[**UPDATE: The Islanders will make an announcement "about Tavares' future" at 1 p.m. Thursday. One can assume he won't be leaving hockey to enter the clergy.

[**UPDATE 2: Bob McKenzie, Arthur Staple, Katie Strang and your Uncle Al report it's 6 years, $5.5 million average salary.]

To tell you the truth, I don't know how often Toronto-oriented columnists (not to be confused with beatwriters) still waft the fumes of "John Tavares should be a Maple Leaf" and "JT wants out" anymore. I never read them much anyway, but they happened often enough to become an assumed joke around here.

A tacit partnership between big-talking GM Brian Burke and the tabloid media helps both sell papers and stoke Leafs fan buzz by openly coveting Tavares as far back as his draft year. (Alright, it even pre-dates that year...and Burke.)

So, not that a(nother) dose of reality discourages the determined troll -- hey, some of these guys have PHWA cards! -- but Arthur Staple's report in Newsday about negotiations on a long-term deal for Tavares must be a blow to the TMZ equivalents in our beloved hockey world.


"Once this [contract] is done, it'll finally show people that this is where I want to be," Tavares told Newsday. If only blatant evidence were enough for these people.

Regardless, read Staple's report for more details. Clearly Tavares would prefer a deal done so that it doesn't hang over the season and feed the trolls. But no doubt his agent and GM Garth Snow will tread purposefully. Neither of those two offered comment. While this is a good sign (who wouldn't love to remove that potential distraction?), that doesn't mean it must be done before October. But it would be nice.

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