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Islanders Hockey Returns: Rookie Games Tonight and Tuesday

Wait a sec- ...that's not Bruno Gervais!
Wait a sec- ...that's not Bruno Gervais!

It's not the adult team but it will work for hockey-starved minds. As part of the weeklong Islanders Rookie Camp, tonight and tomorrow night the Islanders kids will play the Bruins rooks at Nassau [gloriously unsponsored] Veterans Memorial Coliseum at 7 p.m. EDT.

The games will be audio streamed at the Islanders official site and a live video stream will be at

Mikko Koskinen will start in goal tonight -- man, it's just fun to say that phrase again -- and is expected to play the full 60. Here's what else we know (lineups, lines), and what else is going on in hockey:

Islanders News

Around LHH: Sadly, the only surviving hockey player from the Lokomotiv crash has succumbed to his severe burns. This isn't a surprise, but it's still another punch to the gut. | Completely unrelated, discuss your Center Ice and GameCenter Live trade tips and ordering info. Never hurts to help a brother out with which service works best, when to order, etc.


Hockey News


Rosters/Lines for Tonight

Here are the rosters the Isles listed for tonight's first game.

New York Islanders

#    Pos  Player                          2010-11 TEAM
1    G      Mikko Koskinen         Bridgeport (AHL)
45  G      Anders Nilsson         Lulea (SEL)
60  G      Kevin Poulin               Bridgeport (AHL)
8    C      Ryan Strome              Niagara (OHL)
24  D      Calvin de Haan         Oshawa (OHL)
25  LW   Nino Niederreiter      Portland (WHL)
33  D      Benn Olson               Cincinnati (ECHL)
41  C      David Ullstrom          Bridgeport (AHL)
46  D      Matt Donovan            U. Denver (NCAA)
48  D      Anton Klementyev     Bridgeport (AHL)
49  RW   Rhett Rakhshani      Bridgeport (AHL)
53  C      Casey Cizikas           Mississauga (OHL)
54  C      Tony Romano            Bridgeport (AHL)
55  D      Aaron Ness               Minnesota (NCAA)
56  LW   John Persson           Red Deer (WHL)
58  D      Brenden Kichton      Spokane (WHL)
59  LW   Brett Gallant              Bridgeport (AHL)
61  LW   Mitchell Theoret        Niagara (OHL)
62  RW   Tyler McNeely           Northeastern (NCAA)
63  D      Art Bidlevskii              Regina (WHL)
64  D      Andrey Pedan            Guelph (OHL)
71  D      Mark Katic                   Bridgeport (AHL)
77  LW   Kirill Kabanov             Lewiston (QMJHL)
81  C      Justin DiBenedetto   Bridgeport (AHL)

Some exciting names on the B's roster below. Check Stanley Cup of Chowder for perspective from the Cup champs' side.

Boston Bruins
#    Pos  Player                                    2010-11 TEAM

70  G      Michael Hitchinson             Providence (AHL)
71  G      Jared DeMichiel                  S. Carolina (ECHL)
48  D      Zach McKelvie                     Army (NCAA)
50  RW   Jared Knight                        London (OHL)
51  C      Ryan Spooner                      Kingston/PBO (OHL)
53  D      Dougie Hamilton                Niagara (OHL)
56  D      Marc Cantin                         Mississauga (OHL)
57  RW   Yannick Riendeau             Reading (ECHL)
58  F      Carter Camper                    Miami-Ohio (NCAA)
61  LW   Craig Cunningham            Portland/Van (WHL)
66  RW   Tyler Randell                       Kitchener (OHL)
75  LW   Anthony Camara                 Saginaw (OHL)
76  C      Alexander Khokhlachev     Windsor (OHL)
78  D      Ryan Button                         Seattle (WHL)
79  D      David Warsofsky                 Boston U (NCAA)
80  C      Dylan Hood                          Moose Jaw (WHL)
81  C      Kyle MacKinnon                  Providence (NCAA)
82  C      Adam Presizniuk                Union (NCAA)
83  F      Calle Ridderwall                 Notre Dame (NCAA)
84  LW   Conor Stokes                      Kingston (OHL)
85  D      Charlie Dodero                   Sudbury (OHL)
86  D      Kevan Miller                         Vermont (NCAA)

...and they listed the Isles lines as remaining the same for the third straight day:

Rhett Rakhshani-David Ullstrom-Justin DiBenedetto
Nino Niederreiter-Ryan Strome-Tyler McNeely
Kirill Kabanov-Casey Cizikas-John Persson;
Brett Gallant-Tony Romano-Mitchell Theoret

Mark Katic-Calvin de Haan
Matt Donovan-Aaron Ness
Andrey Pedan-Art Bidlevskii
Brenden Kichton-Benn Olson

Do check back tonight for live game-threading.

Are you ready? Oh, indeed. Indeed.