Islanders by the Numbers

Call me crazy, but this official story's implications make me really happy

Llet the fun with new numbers ensue - see the story here



Hamonic #3 - sounds like he takes his place firmly as a stopper in the classic Hart/Potvin mode - love it


Strome #8 - is the team thinking about keeping him on the Isles giving him this low number?? Moulson-Tavares-Strome anyone?

Rolston #11 - got to like it

if we have Moulson-Tavares-Strome, then Rolston is our 3rd line LW (we don't dare touch Grabner/Nielsen/KO do we? and Comeau moves to the 4th line


Reasoner #16 - this guy is going to be goooood

Haley # 18 - yes! Comeau-Reasoner-Haley could be interesting

Nabokov #20 - do we have an actual NHL keeper?

de Haan - #24 - see ya soon could be superstar

Kabanov #77 - can't wait

love it!

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