RDO Camp 2011 - I Love This

Hey Guys.  This post marks my 1 year membership here at LHH.  Excited and Looking forward to Year 2.

My First FanPost was last year and it was about the RDO Camp that is once again being conducted this week.

A Few of my Thoughst on potential changes listed below:


  1. 'Some' of the Changes to OT: I love the idea of switching ends after the third period to re-introduce the long change and potential for a an OT winner.  Thus decreasing the chances of the ShootOut.  I also would like it if the OT period was extended a few minutes
  2. Changes to the Shootout: I heard John Tortorella mention this once before and I think I like it.  Torts says he would like to choose his shooters for the SO after each individual round rather than pick his entire shootout lineup all at once.  Also:  I like extending the shootout to 5 Rounds.
  3. Shallow Back of the Net:  The proposal I read opens up a few feet behind the net for more creative offensive plays back there.


  1. Overtime variation (four minutes of 4-on-4 followed by three minutes of 3-on-3):  Goodness NO!!!!
  2. Delayed penalty variation (offending team must exit zone in possession of puck to stop play)
  3. No icing permitted while shorthanded: The NHL is already too special teams driven.  A Ruke like this makes it impossible to Kill Penalties.

Thoughts Guys?

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