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Islanders Bits: Hillen a Predator; Tangled Moulson in-law web

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AHL-bound ex-Islanders?
AHL-bound ex-Islanders?

Everyone has that aunt who keeps meticulous track of the family genealogy, with updates ranging from "suffered a stroke, 1988" to "repaved driveway, 1993." Soon we'll need a similar person to track the Matt Moulson pro hockey in-law web -- or at least to track the number of times these connections are mentioned on MSG+ broadcasts.

The latest connection isn't big news, but it's on the Isles' side: Sean Backman, as discussed here yesterday, has been poached from the Stars organization on a two-way deal with the Isles. Michael Fornabaio notes a flattering comparison to a prior Sound Tiger. Many note his (under)size and Ivy education. Others note his tendency to shoot. And Twitterers follow.

Such is news in August. If you didn't need a fix like me, I 'spect you wouldn't be here. Continue below for more, at Hockey Fan Anonymous:

Islanders News


Tourney: WebBard is working on a summer distraction: A tournament of all-time Islanders teams. Read the FanPost instructions before responding. The first step is a few willing GMs who will give him a pool of players, then participate in a draft. After the GMs select their teams, us readers will vote on which team would win a virtual tourney. This one will be ripe for debate, so stay tuned.

Meet-Ups: Dougtone has an idea that comes up from time to time, one I hope to help deliver on more and more: Lighthouse Hockey community meet-ups at a pub/grill. Let him (and everyone) know your thoughts, ideal dates, etc. Late in the season might be best for a larger one with lead time to plan, but some readers will be around for the home opener (which, regrettably, conflicts with Yom Kippur), an opportune time to do it.

Personally, I'd like to do this for reachable road trips when possible as well -- so if you're a long-distance fan near an NHL city, do let us know if you're interested in "hosting" (i.e., finding a good bar with Center Ice) that could welcome lurkers and travelers.


Hockey News

Quote of the Day:

Can't his sister marry a top 4 shut-down d man with offensive upside for Christ's sake?

That was Keith, summing up our daydreaming of the Moulson in-law web's acquisition powers.

Also making me laugh: JPinVA discussing the summer that landed Matt Moulson and a bunch of other anonymous M-something minor league signings: Matt Moulson the $1 scratcher that gets you the Lexus.

Some scratchers work better than others.