Is It October, Yet? Let's Play an Islanders Tournament

It's August, there's going to be marginal news at best for the next month and we all could use something fun to kill time. So here's my idea, and it involves audience participation. We are going to draft All-Time Islanders teams, consisting of 6 forwards, 4 defenseman and a Goalie. All players are going to be considered as being in their prime (for example, 1997 Berard instead of 2007 Berard). The people that volunteer (looking for 4-10 people) have to email me their list of Islanders players ranked 1-110 (depending on how many GMs) . I'll use that to create the draft that I will post here.

Then each team will face off in a one elimination tournament. The winners will be decided via votes from LHH. This is something I've been wanting to do for a bit, and I'm willing to volunteer the time to get it done. So if you want to join in, comment below. I'll update this with whose in. First come, first serve up to at least 10, but if someone joins and doesn't email me their list of players, I'll start moving down the list of volunteers.

For players, they must either have played a regular season game for the Islanders, or be an incoming FA signing with a long NHL career. So for example, Kabanov is out, Nino is in, Reasoner is in, Redden is out, JP Dumont is out, Straka is in. Also I'm going to allow all forwards to play any forward position, just to make life easier for everyone. The draft is going to be a normal draft, Round 1 is 1-10, Round 2 is 1-10, etc instead of a Snake draft. Once you have your full of one position, I will stop drafting players of that position.

Feel free to comment, ask questions, or volunteer to join in below. Remember my email is on the bottom of the page.

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