Lighthouse Hockey Group Meetup?

I believe the idea of a LHH group meetup has been discussed in various forms in the past, but I wanted to bring up the idea again, and thought that there's no better time than the middle of the summer.  I'm not talking about a small meetup either, I'm looking to see if a meetup with a grander vision would be something our community of New York Islanders fans would be interested in.  I would also like it to be something that our group members would be able to attend, whether they live out of town or around the corner from the Nassau Coliseum.

What I'm thinking of would first entail picking date that coincides with an Islanders Saturday home game during the regular season.  We may want to choose a date that's in the middle or towards the end of the season so more people can plan around their schedules if they want to attend.

My idea would be that the meetup itself would be at a restaurant/bar & grill/whatever close to the Coliseum, before the game or after the game (or both).  That way, the atmosphere should be more relaxed.

I've also thought of having the group go to the game itself, but assembling a potentially large, spread out group for purchasing tickets could prove to be a bit much of a challenge.  However, anyone interested in attending the meetup and/or game may decide to focus on small group or individual ticket purchases in nearby sections of the Coliseum.

Friends, family and significant others would be welcome as well.

That's my idea for starters.  Feel free to give any ideas or comments as you wish.

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