Meet-Up for Bridgeport Exhibition tilt Oct. 1st?

Moderato's Note: Bumping ogam5's Bridgeport exhibition thread up to help people firm up plans for a meet-up.

Update - Sept. 18:

Wanted to get a better sense of what was happening with it as there's only 2 weeks before Oct. 1....I'm DEFINITELY in, but how do we want to proceed with trying to coordinate our efforts?  Need to firm this up if I'm indeed going to go, I would think.....

Original Post (Aug. 31):

I am leaning toward nabbing a ducat for the Bridgeport exhibition game October 1st against Boston (anyone know what the prices are? Haven't had a chance to look into it yet) and was wondering who else is planning on going - maybe we could try and coordinate a meet up of sorts?  BrassBonanza? Bill? Anyone? (the preceding was just me padding the post to 75 words. Oh, still ten to go....and five.....and three.....DONE:)

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