Would you accept a move to the Barclays if it was our last option?

As a few Islanders fans mention before the Barclays Center is viewed as a last resort to keep our beloved team in the area. Unlike many of my fellow Islanders fans I believe we have reached that point. In this economic climate I find it very difficult to believe that another new arena will be built in the New York market, so if Ratner wants to welcome us with open arms I say thank you.

The question I have is can Wang get involved with the rest of the Atlantic Yard development? From the little I read Ratner could use more money to complete the project and forming a partnership with Wang could help. If Wang was able to get a percentage of the development (lets say 20% the same deal Prokhorov is offered) that may make Brooklyn more appealing for Wang. Plus being part of the Atlantic Yard development would probably make it easier for Wang to be a tenant again.

Even if a partnership can't be worked out I will accept and be happy with the move, because it it would finally give the Islander organization stability.

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