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Visual: If the Islanders Third Jersey Went Orange

What a simple orange 3rd could look like.
What a simple orange 3rd could look like.

This is a topic some happily pass over, but others eagerly devour. The third jersey concept and all its unconfirmed black glory stirs passion and debate among the uni-wonks.

One concept a lot of people support is simply -- if you must have a third look -- resurrecting the orange look from the Islanders' third jersey during the 2000s.

One LHH reader (and periodic lyricist in our last 3rd jersey speculation thread) shopped up what that might look like. Take a look at it here, alone, but also at how it looks below in context with the regular home and away RBK-ified sweaters.

All Three, Together Now


(Again, this is a fan mock-up and obviously neither official nor a "leak")

I already gripe enough like an old man on his porch about how I don't really have any desire to see the Islanders in anything but their current home and away set -- and especially don't want to see black introduced -- so I'll stop ranting.

I will say this lineup would be fine with me, as it's a simple execution of their three main colors while still providing an alternative look. I might prefer a blue outline to the logo rather than white (the old Oranges also had a white outline around blue around orange on the logo), but all in all it's actually pretty cool.

What say you?

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P.S. From Carolina to Long Island and beyond, batton down and stay safe this weekend, folks. As Irene bears down and the rest of us in the diaspora watch the Weather Channel kick themselves into a frenzy, we'll be thinking of you.