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Video: If Your Roommate Handled Take-Out Like a Pro Athlete

What happens when you mix the rote process of ordering take-out with the mundane routine of an athlete's post-game interview? Something far more entertaining than either of the above.

This is a creation of Michael* Paul Smith, an actor in New York who is creating an online sketch series through his production outfit, Take It Back Productions. More importantly, he's an Islanders fan (*so one assumes officially changing the spelling of his name to "Micheal" is still in processing at the Social Security office).

About Michael Paul Smith, who I shall call Micheal Paul Smith:

His favorite player is Kyle Okposo ("he's a workhorse"), and yes that's Michael's [sic] Okposo jersey in the opening. His favorite Isles memory is from his first game in April '93 (not a bad spring, that), where he originally felt guilty when the crowd cheered at news of a Rangers loss. He quickly learned to shake that feeling.

You can learn more about his work with partner Gillian Pensavalle at, and on Twitter at @takeitbacknyc.

This is sort of a free plug, but also a welcome bit of levity in late August. Hope you enjoyed.