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Islanders Bits: August is for Ice Girls...3rd Jersey News?

Update: Icethetics, which tends to get these things early, says that the Islanders new thirds are as rumored ... black. Further discussion/grieving in this FanShot.

There's not a whole lot going on in hockey, but you can check the archives here for on-going threads as well as the FanPosts and FanShots (while, ahem, keeping a lid on the politics).

  • One thing getting coverage lately: Ice Girls! They tried out, and they found their team for 2011-12. Congratulations to those who made it; I promise not to run photos (too much) because I'm frankly not sure how old you are.
  • As discussed in this FanShot, CBS has a post about which former "dynasty" -- the Islanders or Oilers [sic] -- will return to glory first. Aside from the fact the Oilers only managed a dynasty interruptus, it's a fun topic.
  • 30 in 30: This is from late last week, but's Islanders preview is still worth probing.
  • If you missed other stuff from last week, we compiled a lot of it here, as well as highlights from the Islanders 9-3 thrashing of the Penguins that we mustn't acknowledge happened.
  • Everyone knows the Sabres are well over the cap, but everyone figures they'll just have to stash Ales Kotalik and Shaone Morrisonn [sic] in the minors anyway.
  • Anarcurt posted on this last week, but here's some more crowing about Denver U.'s prospect farm, which of course has given us Rhett Rakhshani and Matt Donovan and is about to take care of Scott Mayfield for us.
  • The Kings have added "sandpaper" and he also goes by "Ethan Moreau." Jewels from the Crown reacts.
  • For the stat jockeys: Will Bryan Little score 20 goals? I don't care, but he was mentioned next to Michael Peca, who was fun to watch, and Ilkka Sinisalo, who was fun to say.
  • Finally, just thought this Ducks "identity crisis" post at Anaheim Calling was interesting. The Islanders under Scott Gordon attempted the "offensive attack" identity, but what do you suppose they are, and will be, under Jack Capuano?

We'll be back with more by mid-day, so don't go thinking about the Mets too long or anything.