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Week in Review: 16 Islanders-Penguins Highlights Approved for Consumption

7th Woman has a nice recap with pictures from last night's Forbidden Meetup, which ended up featuring the OT win over the Sabres instead of the 9-3 castration of the Penguins.

But since the latter is not to be discussed nor rebroadcast and is officially an ungame, and since national media consider it a disgrace to even discuss it in positive terms, we're doing a public service by posting the NHL highlights of the game, which included no less than 16 non-fight events deemed worthy of acknowledging on the league's official highlight reel (there'd have been more saves and hits if there weren't so many...goals). These events include:

  • Michael Grabner penalty shot (denied)
  • Grabner and John Tavares' 20th goals of the season.
  • Micheal Haley's brilliant streak up the ice to turn Kris Letang around for his 1st NHL goal.

Since the NHL tacitly endorses and promotes fighting while officially condemning it, none of that is featured below.

Based on national descriptions of the game from the ignorant pulpit and those who pretend "a game like this" was merely a brawl-fest, it's shocking to see this game could have so much hockey in it, isn't it? At least some observers got it.

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