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Coliseum Referendum Links: 'We have no tower, sir.'

Still home...for now.
Still home...for now.

"Just a bridge, sir."

One thing we learned from watching results and reactions from the Coliseum referendum vote all night long is that some hockey columnists really do only pay enough attention to form a punchline and move on to the next generalist rant. Actually paying attention to the details and history of the topic their opining on? Not in the cards. As always, it's great to take a stance on an issue; but sort of pointless to do so without reading up on the topic beyond the next columnist over.

Before we get to the rest of the spectrum of Coliseum referendum coverage, here's a bit of hockey you may have missed yesterday: Evgeni Nabokov re-iterates he's coming to camp, and calls last year something other than refusing to report to the team that holds your contract. Something about rust and how Detroit would've waited and then ... well what, exactly? Throw you in cold for the playoffs?

But you know what? Whatever. After last night, I'm in greedy asset-hoarding mode. If no trade is available before training camp, let him report, let him show his fitness, and let the chips fall. Or the trade value rise, as it were.


Still More Hockey

On Where Islanders Hockey Will Be Played

This was linked last night in our own pep talk, but it's still funny to hear politicians talking about RFPs for the site -- again. Newsday had much more, but the others were somewhat redundant items.

Pick-Me-Up Video

Not sure if this will bum you out or cheer you up. Probably depends on your orientation. "This is Home" Isles tribute video by "hiyaasamantha" on YouTube, which Keith has been pushing. Really picks up toward the end.