Watching Games Out-of-State: Isles Fan in Need of Advice

Based on the large number of fans that read this site regularly and responded that they did not have a vote in the August 1st Coliseum Referendum, I realize that this is a good place to come for some advice.  I've lived on Long Island since I was born.  I'm attending an out of state University within a couple weeks and I'm going to be without the Islanders TV broadcast in the upcoming season.

I'm going to have a HDTV with some basic cable channels, my laptop, and wireless internet access in my room.  I know there are many different options and I'm interested in knowing what works for you.  There's NHL Gamecenter Live and NHL Center Ice for about $180 dollars for the year.  I've also seen links posted for live streaming of games in the game threads.  On top of that, I've heard there is some box available with channels from Best Buy.  I can also buy a pretty cheap cable to connect my HDTV to my laptop.  I want to purchase whatever will provide me with HD or good quality viewing with the least amount of lagging and trouble.  

Thank you very much for your time and I apologize for posting a topic of such little interest to most readers.  Your personal experiences with any of these products would be greatly appreciated.

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