Vacant Captaincy

Lets have some fun here...Our beloved team needs a new "leader" and associates. So lets pick a Captain and 2-3 alternates who each blogger deems the best suited.


Or would we go the route of a few other teams and have a month by month rotation


My choice would be Mark Streit (bc he is proven, he has captained his mother land in international competition on a stage like the olympics and has been into the post season)


My a's would be




I would give each of the veterans a month to wear the "a" and one of the younger core guys a month to get some leadership skills. Im sorry...but as much as I hated the devils...I just cant see a stanley cup player and proven winner not wear at least the "a" on a team of very young kids.


This is all just subject to oppinion keep in mind folks.

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