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Grading, Passing Time Awaiting Coliseum Referendum News

Replace me.
Replace me.

So ... anything big on your mind today? The majority of what's been written or linked here (including stories, FanPosts, etc.) about the election today can be found through the Nassau Coliseum Referendum tag or the Areener tag, but if you're here you probably already know what the deal is with today's vote. You probably don't need the official team referendum microsite to figure out where to vote (if you're eligible). But if you do ... well get voting already!

We're not going to hear much on turnout and progress until the afternoon, with a far better sense of things by the evening when the Islanders are holding a reception win or lose. But you can follow Newsday's Randi Marshall on Twitter for any newsy blurbs. Nick at Let There Be Light(house) is always tweeting as well, noting a light turnout at his polling place thus far.

Oh, but hockey: The Hockey News' latest issue came up in comments over the weekend, specifically the report card they gave the Islanders draft. Indeed, two teams received A+ from THN for the 2011 draft -- the Blackhawks and the Islanders. Their brief note with the Isles mentioned getting value at every pick, particularly with Johan Sundstrom and Andrei Pedan. They gave no background on who authored the rankings nor what criteria was used, so just take that for what it's worth. (It's August; we get desperate for topics sometimes.)

The issue also graded each team's summer moves, and the Islanders received a C+, no doubt because the only notable move was Marty Reasoner. (This was, of course, before the Brian Rolston trade, demonstrating once again how THN's time to the mailbox is a major hurdle. Though I do always love getting my Playoff Preview mid-way through the second round.) The two grades are a perfect reflection of where this team could be heading but how there are hurdles to clear before they get there.

So...if you're grading the Islanders' summer so far -- whether by draft, by roster management, or both -- what grade do you give them?