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Islanders Bits: Coliseum vote inches ever closer

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The campaign is on.
The campaign is on.

I don't know how many of you checked out the 2011 draft videos from the main site, so a few of those (one with Charles Wang and Garth Snow, another with Trent Klatt) are posted after the jump for posterity -- which is to say maybe one day, many years off, we'll look back at them and either grin or sigh at what's become of the Class of 2011.

It's way too early, obviously, but it feels like there are good odds of getting a few grins from that haul. If things go right, the annual haul will be a little less each season because the Islanders' draft slot will be later and later.

Meanwhile, it may just be me on beach time, but it feels like the whole NHL is slowing down. NHL Home Ice on XM/Sirius is playing a bunch of playoff replays, and the only kinds of "news" are signings like Jason Arnott and Jamie Langenbrunner, two guys who have something left to give but who have seen far better days. Some links are after the jump, and another report card follows later this morning.

Islanders Stuff

The Islanders should also be posting the rosters today for the prospect scrimmages that happen next week.

Video: Wang and Snow on the Draft

Video: Klatt on the Draft with Katie Strang Questions on Various 2011 Picks

NHL/Hockey Stuff

As always, you're welcome and encouraged to add links and discussion items in comments (and FanShots, as usual). Check back later this morning for some more more report carding.