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Islanders Bits: Prospect interviews, AHL realignment, Frischmon signing

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It's a quiet week when you have a press release about a veteran AHL signing, but that's what the Islanders added to the organization in the one-year, two-way deal with center Trevor Frischmon.

Michael Fornabaio, Sound Tigers beat writer at the Connecticut Post, says Frischmon "sounds a bit like Jeremy Colliton: Win draws, play defense, kill penalties, a heart-and-soul kind of guy. He hasn’t posted anything like Colliton’s offensive numbers, though..." That's with the help of some articles here and here.

Sticking with that Fornabaio post, he also shares word of official AHL realignment. Gone (for now) are the seven- and eight-team divisions, as the former Atlantic-residing Sound Tigers now form one-fifth of a new Northeast Division that still includes Springfield and Connecticut but now adds the Flyers affiliate in Adirondack and the Devils affiliate in. If you're keeping track at home: Goodbye Manchester, Providence and Portland.

Islanders and Such

NHL and Such

Your updated list of who's off the market is at here.

Free agency grades at Puck Daddy: Basically, if you spent a whole boatload of stupid money then you got an A, and if you didn't you got a C.

Derek Zona tries to be diplomatic about the Oilers' remnant needs after their big, uh, July moves.

Gabe Descjardins at Arctic Ice Hockey (formerly Behind the Net) is less diplomatic about how silly Dale Tallon's massive moves were:

That's a big long-term financial commitment to declining players; it's a substantial overpay for basically every player on the list; and it still leaves Florida five wins shy of a playoff spot.  If you were going to acquire players willy-nilly to get to the salary floor, why wouldn't you adopt a different strategy?

'ockey in Seattle? Long way off, long way.

Puck Podcast about goons and obsolescence.

From comments here (and the Onion, naturally): The Stanley Cup does a lot of important community service.

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Hope those of you who were able to celebrate had a good 4th...and 5th (what day is it again?). Apologies for not being as active in comments this week, but a man's gotta rest and tend to his tan. (Laundry comes later; gym never arrives.)