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Independence Day Bits: In which Dany Heatley doesn't dictate terms

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If there's a type of player about whom all my attempted objectivity flies out the window, it's the type of player who:

...commits a youthful mistake that causes a tragedy, but gets off kindly and is embraced by the community in which that tragedy happened, but then demands a trade from that supportive community, and gets a big fat contract with a no-trade clause, then demands a trade from the team that gave him that contract, then wields that no-trade clause to block a reasonable trade and instead forces a really bad one so he can land on a Cup contender.

So yeah, I'll be honest: I think it's really funny that Dan(n)y Heatley has been traded to the Wild, who were 21st overall last year, and ranked 26th in 5-on-5 play (not exactly Heatley's strength...except when he wants to). What's the over/under on how long before he asks out of this one?

Better yet: Martin Havlat, a fun player who has been jobbed by a few teams in his career, goes to a team that's an annual contender.

I jest about cap circumvention, but apparently somehow Richards' and Christian Ehrhoff's contracts are just fine, but Max "Turtle" Talbot's deal is not.

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Among the coverage of Brad Richards' cap-circumventing contract with the Rangers, I found this quote most amusing:

I’m excited to get to meet some of the young players. When we played them in January, it was probably the hardest team to play against all year.

When the Stars met the Rangers in January, Dallas hadn't won in four games. They tied the Rangers that night, dropping the shootout bonus point.


Have a happy 4th if you're celebrating, remembering, barbecuing, beach-surfing (like me), or just generally blowing stuff up. (Legally, I assure you.)

(For our international readers: July 4th is the U.S. Independence Day, which is a day of heavy travel to summer holiday destinations, and occasion for people to take great risks with their children, their fingers, and their belongings in the quest to blow things up and create pretty colors.)