The Curious Case of Blake Comeau and Josh Bailey [POLL INSIDE]

Blake Comeau will be heading to arbitration August 3rd while Josh Bailey's agent will be working out a deal with Garth Snow.  With the recent trade for Brian Rolston, a lot of questions open up about the Islanders line up.  If/when Bailey and Comeau receive contracts, the Islanders will have 13 capable forwards signed to NHL contracts. 

With this being said - I believe a trade is at hand with either Bailey, Comeau, or even Parenteau being a part of a package for a top 4 defenseman.

I think most agree that if the home opener was tomorrow our lineup would look something like this:







Comeau could be trade bait as he is coming off a 24 goal season and is still young.  Hopefully his contract is cheap and he will be much like Wisniewski was for us last year - trade him right after he is awarded his salary.

I think the Isles will hold onto Bailey.  With time he could get better and traded in the future if another one of our promising center prospects is able to take his spot.

Parenteau is gone after next year but I don't see what his return would be. Comeau or Bailey + draft picks would pull in a better player then Parenteau + draft picks.


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