What To Wear In Nassau On Monday. August 1st.

As someone who has participated in a few political campaigns and initiatives, I want to make a big suggestion: if you're planning to be part of the support effort this Monday, DON'T go overboard with the Islanders garb - it creates a tension with those who haven't come to a firm decision about their vote, the perception of singular interest as an Islanders fan and very possible resentment factor who don't, unbelievable as it may sound, care much about hockey or sports.

In fact, it may be better to skip the mapcrest altogether, counterintuitive or wrong as that may sound - the displaying of blue, orange and white is fine given they DO double as the County colors. Remember, as is being reiterated by many media outlets and the team, the Nassau County voters who AREN'T diehard fans need to be swayed by the complete economic merits and consequences to them PERSONALLY, not as hockey fans but as people trying desperately to make ends meet.....the more they can embrace our genuine concern/empathy, the better chance we have of winning them over!  Another thing: these players aren't just talented, but great people - a selling point reinforced by their frequent and eager outreach to the community; if someone wants to talk Islanders, this is a most powerful tool to bring them around.....

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