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Another Batch of Nassau Coliseum Referendum Links...and Hockey!

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Skate to the polls and back.
Skate to the polls and back.

The more I read about the Coliseum referendum proposal -- including the projections from the Long Island Center for Socio-Economic Policy report and the Camoin Associates report [PDF] -- the more I think it makes sense as the best, and last, feasible option. Granted, this is about a County and its voters choosing their direction, their self-identity from this summer forward (something they've had oh, about 30 years to mull over and get done as the lease marched toward its 2015 expiration).

But as far as sports venue deals go, this one sounds fair: The sports owner is required to share revenue. There is a $14 million "floor" -- i.e. minimum -- payment going from arena revenues to the County, a share that grows as Charles Wang's arena revenues grow. This isn't one of those "build the guy an arena and rent it to him for a dollar" deals. It's insane hyperbole for Jay Jacobs or the Daily News to act like it's a gift to a billionaire.

That's how it looks to me, anyway. I'm biased, but not exactly looking at it blind. Now, for some more Coliseum reading -- and even a little hockey reading, too:

First, The Hockey

Now, the Issue of the Moment (Nassau Coliseum Referendum)

Useful Links

Some of the listed contributors of this blog live on Long Island (three of us) or used to (one of us) or used to live in New York (one more). I'm the outsider. It's been painful and awkward to watch this process from afar. For me this is a beloved team and a reason I've made many friendships and gotten to know Long Island over the years, yet I carry the obvious awareness that the issue is much higher stakes for people born and/or still living in Nassau County. I don't like to mix politics and sports, but we're left with no choice on this matter.

So if you oppose the referendum, by all means speak up -- but be fair and sober about it, rather than trolling or bitter. Speak to the facts and the philosophy. Meanwhile, I don't have an actual say in how things turn out, but tomorrow I will lend my voice to many in trying to help supporters get the word out to non-Isles-fans eligible voters. Grass roots, by the way, is how politics works when it works. So best of luck to everyone, and live by your conscience.