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Nassau Coliseum Referendum: Nothing changes, if nothing changes

Apparently, they buy their chairs from politicians.
Apparently, they buy their chairs from politicians.

One of my all-time favorite quotes is from an everyday regular guy I grew up with. It's simplistic in its Yogism and complex in its philosophical underpinnings: "Nothing changes if nothing changes."

I'm not going to tell you how to vote Aug. 1. I don't know what's best for you...most of the time I'm not sure what's best for me. But we as the citizens of Nassau County have a golden opportunity to be heard on an issue that we seldom get to be a part of in the Islanders' arena referendum vote. We don't know if it's perfect, we don't know if it's completely viable, what we do know is that the current Coliseum is a cesspool likely to get worse and that living in fear of the unknown is crippling us into doing nothing on a lot of fronts. And for once, for once, we can directly, be a part of it and do something. "Nothing changes, if nothing changes."

Why is it that when a man has the ability to build something himself, a testament to his hard work or dedication, he is viewed as a greedy sub-human wretch? And when he tries to accommodate a community by providing them with entertainment and a venue to share with their families with the assistance of that community, he is also considered a greedy sub-human wretch? I guess it's all in your perspective, right?  What's become commonplace is to watch a man tumble instead of encouraging or appreciating his accomplishments.

Still, nothing changes, if nothing changes.

So what's the constant?


There's an agenda here somewhere. We don't know what it is yet, but it's there...and we'll find it eventually. There is just no way that, straight down party lines, people can have completely different sets of facts for the same issue. But the problem is, we are used to it by now.  Anyone that watches MSNBC and then flips over to FOX can probably attest to that if they can still recognize that it's still a problem.

Do you think Jay Jacobs is thinking about you having to get all the way into that goddamned city to see U2 on that goddamned train while he's in the Bahamas? (Ed. note: I have no idea where Jacobs vacations.) How about Ed Mangano? The answer is no. No they don't. They don't live the life you lead. They are thinking dollars and cents, not people and traditions and how those individual personalities create the fabric of a community. "Nothing changes if, nothing changes."

So who's right? 

You are. Whatever you feel. 

Just don't base your choice on a lying politician...on either side. Look through the reports, look through the evidence of this County's stagnant economy and ask yourself, "What's missing?" What's missing are jobs, new things, nice things...this is why we can't have nice things. Because lately, we're lacking the courage to stand up and go after something we want or something we need without advice from an expert...who is usually, not an expert.  These same politicians have been around forever and have gotten Nassau into this mess...they're going to get us out now? How? "Nothing changes, if nothing changes."

I ask you, what is it that you want? Is it living in a community that continues to spin its wheels and drive in circles with no progress or discernible plan for the future? Property taxes here are already insane, shouldn't you have something to show for it? "Nothing changes, if nothing changes."

Do you continue to vote Democrat or Republican only to have the process of everything we deem necessary stalled out along party lines? Do you want to show some courage and take a risk on making a better community, or do you want to continue along the same path of paralysis to doom? Or do you start to send a message with the voice you do have? Do you start to educate yourself on the nature of the game, or do you continue to align yourself behind politicians who probably know about as little as you do right now? Do you continue to trust the print media that is generally written on a 5th grade level, or do you begin to investigate things for yourself? Take some ownership of this situation that is really only a microcosm of the governance you're subjected to on a daily basis. You've all sat in meetings, right?  Does anything get done? Who does most of the talking? Who wastes most of the time?

It's that guy!  That goddamned guy you can't stand that ruins everything...he's awful, and he must be stopped...and if you think that guy doesn't exist in politics, well, bullshit. We have a golden opportunity to get something done for ourselves, and stop that guy.  "Nothing changes, if nothing changes."

My second all time favorite quote is "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

But for god's sake, get busy, and find out the truth.

Because nothing changes if nothing changes.


Aug. 1 Coliseum Referendum Action Links

From the Islander's Team Site:

On Tuesday, July 26th listen to the Mike Francesa show starting at 1 p.m. to hear Wang in-studio. Then on Friday, July 29, Boomer and Carton will host Wang at 8 a.m..

Fans and supporters can call the station at 877-337-6666 during either show.