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Islanders 50-Contract (or less) List; Arena Referendum Bits

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"If you already have a contract, skate here. And if you don't, go fetch me some coffee."
"If you already have a contract, skate here. And if you don't, go fetch me some coffee."

I suppose virtually no post here in the next week should go without an arena referendum mention, so we'll add the latest interesting links on that matter at the end. But the body of this post is a chart on the Islanders' 50-contract (actually less) list as best I can compile it.

Most know about, and invariably ask about where the Islanders stand on, the NHL CBA's 50-contract limit. In English -- which is decidedly more brief than CBA legalese -- NHL teams can carry a maximum of 50 pro contracts at one time. That includes two-way contracts but excludes AHL-only contracts (e.g., what Trevor Gillies was on up until January 2010) and NHL contracts for players who are loaned to Europe or who are still in juniors. For example, if Kirill Kabanov or Nino Niederreiter are returned to their junior teams, they won't count against the 50-contract limit this season.

Finally, remember that most teams do not enter the season at the 50-contract limit, because injuries and changing needs have a way of demanding flexibility. Generally you want to enter the season with some wiggle room. Because there's (almost) no getting out of a contract once the season starts. The list of the Islanders' NHL contracts is below:

Note: This is from personal research. Cap hits are from CapGeek. If I've missed someone, please let me know.

Player Pos. Acquired Signed Cap Hit (NHL)
1 Rick DiPietro g Draft 2000 2021 $4.50M
2 Michael Grabner LW Waivers-Tallon 2016 $3.00M
3 Kyle Okposo RW Draft 2006 2016 $2.80M
4 Andrew MacDonald d Draft 2006
2014 $.550M
5 Calvin de Haan d Draft 2009 2014 $1.47M
6 Nino Niederreiter W Draft 2010 2014/5* $2.80M
7 Kirill Kabanov W Draft 2010 2014/5* $.900M
8 Matt Moulson LW FA 2009 2014 $3.10M
9 Matt Donovan d Draft 2008
2014 $.875M
10 Aaron Ness d Draft 2008
2014 $.875M
11 Anders Nilsson g Draft 2009 2014 $1.75M
12 Casey Cizikas C Draft 2009
2014 $.900M
13 Marty Reasoner C FA 2011 2013 $1.35M
14 Trent Hunter RW Trade 2013 $2.00M
15 Mark Streit d FA 2008 2013 $4.10M
16 Travis Hamonic d Draft 2008 2013 $.875M
17 Kevin Poulin g Draft 2008
2013 $.892M
18 David Ullstrom C Draft 2008
2013 $.892M
19 Anton Klementyev d Draft 2009 2013 $.823M
20 Blake Comeau W Draft 2004
21 Josh Bailey F Draft 2008 RFA***
22 John Tavares C Draft 2009 2012 $3.75M
23 Frans Nielsen C Draft 2002
2012 $.525M
24 Mark Eaton d FA 2010 2012 $2.50M
25 Mike Mottau d FA 2010 2012 $.800M
26 Milan Jurcina d FA 2010 2012 $1.60M
27 P.A. Parenteau LW FA 2010 2012 $1.25M
28 Trevor Gillies W Prom. 2010 2012 $.625M
29 Matt Martin W Draft 2008
2012 $.852M
30 Micheal Haley F Promo 2009
31 Ty Wishart d Trade 2010 2012 $.803M
32 Dylan Reese d Trade 2010 2012 $.635M
33 Mikko Koskinen g Draft 2009 2012 $1.15M
34 Al Montoya g Trade 2011 2012 $.601M
35 Evgeni Nabokov g Waivers-CBA 2012 $.570M
36 Mark Katic d Draft 2007 2012 $.875M
37 Rhett Rakhshani W Draft 2006
2012 $.850M
38 Justin DiBenedetto F Draft 2008
2012 $.508M
39 Tony Romano F Trade 2010
2012 $.508M
40 Tim Wallace W FA 2011 2012 $.700M
41 Trevor Frischmon W FA 2011 2012 $.615M
42 Tomas Marcinko W Draft 2006
2012 $.605M
43 Jeremy Colliton W Draft 2003
2012 $.600M
44 Tyler McNeely F FA 2011 2012 $.525M

*Eligible to be returned to juniors, which would "slide" contract forward one year
**Arbitration could dictate one- or two-year deal
*** contract certain but length up in the air
Finally, players like Haley, Gillies and McNeely began on AHL deals and were later signed to NHL deals


In the above list, for "how acquired" I used the date and/or method they first entered the Isles organization. So returnees like Colliton and extensions like Nielsen or Okposo are listed under their first entrance rather than the date their current contract was signed.

What this list tells us is the Islanders have room to add a few contracts if they see fit; even if I've omitted one or two (again, let me know if you are aware of an NHL contract, which means at minimum a two-way deal, that is not on the list. Players like Benn Olsen and Brett Gallant are currently on AHL-only contracts).



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