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Islanders Bits: Polled Voters Want Cake, Ice Cream, Cherry

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Let them play. Let them play! Let-them-play!
Let them play. Let them play! Let-them-play!

The big buzz of the weekend was Newsday's poll showing a confusing if predictable split among registered voters on the Islanders and the Coliseum referendum: 51% of those polled opposed the current proposal -- yet two-thirds said the County "should do everything in its power to keep the Islanders in Nassau."

What's more, 74% believe redeveloping "the Hub" where the Coliseum sits is the right thing to do. Go figure.

Information has been late-breaking and evolving throughout the summer, so the County and the Islanders have one more week to sell to voters just what this plan entails to voters. According to Isles VP Michael Picker, who sounded none too pleased with how the information has been interpreted by news media: "The project will pay for itself and then some, jobs and revenue will not be lost and this project will be an economic catalyst." More from Picker at IPB here.

Meanwhile, owner Charles Wang took his case directly to Newsday editors and reporters. As to his motive, and why he wants to help be a catalyst for Long Island: "I grew up here. I want to stay here. Let's build this thing."

Has the media botched some of the reporting? Well an interesting example of their turmoil in handling the issue could be seen by the two different headlines Newsday gave one story.

The Long Island Herald debates the issue.

Here's where you can view all the Pro-Arena commercials featuring celebrities and Islanders greats.

We'll have much more on this topic in the final week leading up to the vote. Meanwhile, we'll also get to Blake Comeau's pending arbitration case.

For now, a few non-politics hockey links:

Well, have a grand Sunday. And check this post for more pertinent links throughout the day. I'm doing a triathlon, in the middle of the heat wave. So there's a chance you may never hear from me again.