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Yashin, Gandler, Sovetsky Sport: Your annual OMG thread

Russians and Danes, playing together.
Russians and Danes, playing together.

It must be mid-July.

There are two parties you can count on each summer for Alexei Yashin-to-the-Islanders buzz: Sovetsky Sport (and often other Russian media), which does the reporting, and Yashin's agent Mark Gandler, who all too happily does the sourcing. Happened last year, happens every year. (As you can see from my comment in that thread, I have my own opinion of what "talks" in this relationship means.)

But whatever. Now Newsday's Katie Strang got both parties, including Garth Snow, to confirm there have been "discussions" of a "potential" "possibility." As ever, Gandler is much more "serious" in this annual effort to drum up interest negotiation. It is his job.

I figure it's irresponsible of me to ignore it just because I don't favor it, don't understand it and don't put much stock in it happening. So have at it. Vent your reaction. Discuss the pros and cons. But don't miss WebBard's rallying cry about the more burning issue: Aug. 1. That thread's more fun.

My comment last year at this time:

Gandler: {dials Snow}
Snow: Hello?
Gandler: Garth! It’s Mark. I wanted to talk about Yashin. He’s a free agent, you know.
Snow: So?
Gandler: Wanna make an offer?
Snow: No. {click}
_ _ _ _15 seconds later
Gandler: {dials lonely beat reporter} Hey, just so you know, I’ve had talks with the Islanders about Yashin returning.
Beat Reporter: Thanks! It’s summer, and I needed some cheap BS to fill space.
Gandler: Don’t say I never throw you a bone.

What Gandler also said last year at this time:

However, I will be frank that this is a difficult step for the forward. Right now Alexei has just adapted to European-size rinks, got used to the KHL hockey, understood the tactics that lets him play in Russia with results. The reverse process will again require a lot of time. Hockey in the KHL and the NHL is too different. And if you take the financial side of the question, it is more lucrative for Yashin to play in Russia.

This has changed since last year, has it?

Honestly, all baggage aside, while I have no desire to "go there" again (It must be asked: What unspoken reasons did the Islanders, who have never pushed the cap ceiling, have for buying him out four years ago, that have disappeared now that he's 37?), I am not categorically opposed to a talented forward coming in on a cheap deal to help bridge things, maybe even (more importantly?) help Kirill Kabanov along.

But I highly doubt Yashin can provide that now, and I doubt the Islanders will follow through and try. If I'm wrong on the latter, I'll eat crow, without proper spicing. If I'm wrong on the former, hooray for all of us, right?

This year, it might just be a little scarier since Yashin is unsigned. And there's this bit from Snow to Newsday:

"I'd rather keep those conversations private, but Alexei has been skating at our practice rink in Syosset and he looks great. I've been on record saying I'd explore all options and any player that would improve our team and help us make that step."

But there's also the report that Yashin is fielding bids in the KHL, as Dmitry Chesnokov keeps reporting.

Real possibility, or a favor for an old friend? I know you have thoughts, already percolating in other threads. Have at it.